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Location Announcement and Dates Poll ; recruitment drive

Firstly, because we know you've all been waiting for this: Millicon in 2008 will be held in Washington DC once more. It will also be held in July of 2008 - and this is where you come in. Please choose from one of the following options to specify which weekend would be better for you, the prospective attendee:

Poll #1122352 Millicon 2008 Dates

Please put my millicon during...

July 11-13
July 18-21

Secondly, we're looking to try to find a third organizer. If you might be interested in helping make the con happen and want to know what's involved - or even just want to offer your help as an assistant but not an organizer, please email us at avarielwings at gmail dot com and starexcess at gmail dot com . Thanks! :D

Thirdly and lastly, but not least importantly, we're in need of a some sort of subtitle for this one, so we can differentiate it from the others when we're working out the planning with various contacts/hotel lodging/etc. We've got our minds stuffed full of planing, and that leaves nary a place for a name or two - might you be able to christen our little con with a suffix to its name? Drop it in a comment if you think you've got it, and we'll love you forever. The format is as follows: Millicon 3.0: ...

This poll will be open until February 1, at which point it will close and we will move to the next steps of the organization process. Please make sure to vote by then if you're planning to attend - although there will be many reminders to make sure you don't forget! *g*
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(no subject)

So! Kate and I, Mandy, will now be running the next Millicon. We know that it will be in July of 2008 (weekend to be determined), but we don't know much else. To know other things, we first need to know what location the con is taking place in.

To help us decide on a location, we are going to run a series of polls to find out what is the best area for the most muns to access. This is the first poll. If you even just have an urge to go to millicon, but you're not sure if you'll be able to make it? Fill out the poll anyway. The more answers we get, the better a place we'll be able to pick out. :)

Poll #1091446 millicon 08 - player location poll

Where are you located?

New England
Mid Atlantic
Great Plains
0(0.0%) of those kooky american places not located above.
Nowhere in the states at all.

If you checked off more than one, why?

by ' of those kooky american places not located above.' i meant hawaii, alaska, and the territories.
By the list we're using, New York is in the mid-atlantic region.
if you need any other clarification, please comment and ask.]

About Millicon

Hey guys,

It was announced a while ago that I would be staying on as a co-organiser of Millicon '08 with anyone who volunteered, but unfortunately that's going to have to change, as I have far too much on my plate with my PhD Thesis and other pressures to even think about organising another large scale con.

What this means is that none of the people who have previously organised the cons will be organising one this year, and the occurrence of a Millicon in 2008 will depend on someone else stepping up and volunteering to organise it.

All for of us: Feather, Aspen, Vivien and I are willing to offer advice and support, and we know of one or two people also willing to offer in a support role, so if any of you are thinking "I could organise a con" and have read Feather's guide to Millicon, please let us know and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

Just drop us an email at:
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(no subject)

Any millimuns that are within a day-trip distance of Toronto, I have a question for you.

What are you doing tomorrow (the Civic Holiday Monday)?  And would that include a meeting in Hogtown with a couple other millimuns? :D  

Kate (avariel_wings) is in town for a con but has a fair bit of free time, and I was wondering if anyone wanted to get together somewhere in T.O.  At the very least someone has to show her the wonders of poutine, and it could just be a trip out for a long lunch or maybe seeing a couple sights (just keep me away from the yarn stores).  Decisions to be made when we actually know if anyone's coming.

Drop a note here and let me know if you can make it!

That Scavenger Hunt Thing

Deadline has passed.

So, Harry had an assignment for the Milli-folk what went to Chicago -

The Assignment as seen at MilliConCollapse )

So - did you get photos or postcards or artistic pencil drawings? Harry wants to see 'em!

Link 'em here by the 10th of August to be entered in the contest!

In your entry comment, please include:

All of that is so Harry's mun can find you and make the one icon for each entrant.

One entry per person, please.

Feel free to contact the Harry mun if there are questions!

Thanx for playing! :)
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Millicon 2.0 (Chicago): Exit Poll

Now that everyone's returning home and settling back into normal routine post-con, I've got a question to ask of you all.

What did you think of your Millicon experience?

Seriously. What worked? What didn't work? Are there things you loved? Things you didn't like at all? Things you would have liked to see more or less of? Things that should never happen again or things that should be done every single time?

I'm asking the question here instead of looking for con reports in individual journals in order to solicit centralized, honest opinion, both the positive and the negative. We received a lot of good feedback last year, and it helped us to adjust the experience this year-- and now we'd like to know how it went.

All comments are screened for privacy purposes. Anonymous comments are enabled, and IP logging is off.

On behalf of your Millicon planning team, please let us know what you think. This is for future reference.

And thank you for your participation. :)
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Millicon 2.0: Registration, Updated

As of today, everyone who has registered for Millicon should have received a confirmation email.

If you have already registered and for some reason did not receive a confirmation, please contact us at as soon as possible.

Remember, registration is required! We will of course still be accepting registrations at the con itself, but if you register in advance it's a great deal easier for everyone. Thank you for your assistance!

The other thing that is required, unfortunately, is the dreaded con fee. As I've been getting some questions on this, let me address them one by one:

How much is the fee again?
US $50 for full access to every event during all three days of Millicon.

When is the fee due?
You can pay the con fee at any time up to and including the moment that you show up at the con. However, at that point, we will need to receive the fee in order to give you a registration packet and badge.

What if I'm not coming to any of the scheduled events? Do I still have to pay?
The con fee is required in order to attend any and all activities that take place in the event room. Obviously, if you just plan to come to the hotel to hang out in your friends' rooms upstairs, or to meet a group for dinner, or things of that nature -- we're not going to ask you to pay a fee for that. The purpose of the fee in the first place is so that we can recoup the costs associated with the event room itself. However, if you plan to come to any of the scheduled activities in the event room, you must have (and show) a badge, and to receive a badge, you must pay the fee.

But what if I can only come for part of the time? Do I have to pay the full amount?
Due to the fact that there are quite a few who've asked about this, we've put our heads together and come up with another option, and that's this: if you are only coming to Millicon for one or two days, you may purchase a "Day Pass" badge for $20.

The "Day Pass" will be marked Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, and is $20 per day. Friday's pass will not get you into Saturday's events, sorry! We feel this is the best compromise we can make to allow those who are not planning to be around for everything to still participate, while still being fair to those who are paying for/attending the entire Millicon.

Hey, wait, you didn't mention the Day Pass before!
That's because we hadn't planned on offering one, until we kept getting questions about the possibility. It wasn't until then that we decided we needed to figure something out. If this concerns you enough that you'd like to discuss it more, please send email to, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

That's it for now -- see you all next week! In the meantime, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, or need to make special arrangements of some sort, leave a comment here or email